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Looking for Jumbo crates manufacturers in Delhi, Bawana with best design and multi-color at best wholesaler price/cost. Enquire now at Ultima Material.
Jumbo Crates Manufacturers in Delhi, Jumbo Crates Manufacturers in Bawana
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Jumbo Crates

Leading Jumbo Crates Manufacturers in Delhi, India


Ultima is the leading Jumbo Crate manufacturer in Delhi. We also give you a wide range of Jumbo crates with different shapes, sizes, and colors.  These can be used for the industries like shopping malls, Kirana shops, sabzi mandi. We are highly committed to our service therefore our customers rely on our durability and finishing. We have been in this business for years and know every need and requirement of our clients.


From spacing to the size we have an idea about what requirements can satisfy the needs of individuals.


Why choose us?


Here, are the following reasons that make us one of the most preferred choices of clients:


  1. Durability is one of the most important factors and features that we offer.
  2. We ensure that user-friendly products are created and designs are innovative.
  3. We offer you 100% high-quality material. Our products are designed with the best quality raw material.
  4. Our products are quite environmentally friendly and are reusable. These are quite easy to clean
  5. We ensure on-time delivery.
  6. Our team has years of experience.
  7. We have a highly professional and knowledgeable team. They have complete knowledge about how to make crates spacious and transparent.
  8. The payment methods are quite flexible. From cash payments to net banking or UPI we have every facility available.


 The leading Jumbo crate manufacturers in Delhi


The following reasons make us one of the most preferred choices of consumers:

  1. We offer you high-quality and durable fruit crates.
  2. These crates save a lot of your space and can be easily carried in bulk from one place to another in an organized manner.
  3. Our fruit crates are uniformly light in weight and are designed in a way that anyone can easily use and these can carry all kinds of vegetables and fruits.
  4. These are available in different colors and designs to satisfy the requirements and needs of every client.
  5. They offer you transparent plastic vegetable crates in different colors so that you can effortlessly track which crate has which fruit or vegetable.
  6. We have all the modern equipment and technology to design crates to satisfy every consumer.


Get in touch with us and order yourself a jumbo crate at the most affordable prices. We will also help you in deciding the right crate according to your need and requirement. Contact our team to avail the best deal.