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Ultima Group

Ultima Group

Ultima group stands for integrity, quality and innovation. Our people across the globe push their boundaries to create unique, future driven solutions that make lives better. We have all material handling solutions

Ahead of One’s Time: Mr. Sukhmeet Singh (MD)

A visionary whose humble leadership helped Ultima group surge globally. Under his able guidance and committed support of the rest of the team, Ultima has not only invested in sustainable future driven businesses but also has exponentially expanded its scale of operations.

Mr Sukhmeet Singh, the Managing Director of Ultima Material Handling Solutions is one of the most recognised and respected industrialists in India. Down-to-earth in his approach to life, he believes that willpower, discipline, and dedication, are an unbeatable combination for success. Endeavour, Enterprise and Excellence have always been his mantras for Ultima. Detail-oriented, hands-on, firm but kind, he runs a tight ship, instilling the will to win in each member of the organisation.
Mr Sukhmeet is known not only for his business acumen, but also for his active patronage of many art and culture events. As a significant part of Delhi’s business and socio-cultural scene, he done’s many hats, holding prominent posts in major industry and social organizations.